Planning and Research Consultant Co.,Ltd. or a short name called “PRC” is an independent Thai consulting firm founded by a group of leading Thai engineers. Its purpose is to perform consulting services for study, planning, design, quantity survey, cost estimation, tender documents, bid evaluation, construction supervision and construction management work of the project of government section and private section. PRC has been successfully providing its services to various clients since 1986 in the fields of civil engineering, structural engineering, architectural, water resource engineering, sanitary engineering, environmental engineering, environmental investigation and planning, mechanical engineering and electrical engineering. Our services have been accepted with satisfaction from various clients, with our professional integrity, the work load increased and the firm rapidly expand. PRC now become a member of Consultancy Data Base Center of Fiscal Policy Office, Ministry of Finance and has multidisciplinary team of professionals in various fields and in capable to taking on much bigger projects than we first started.

In Providing consultancy service, PRC is always determined to maintain high quality of the work so that the clients will benefit the most from our assignments. Therefore, we always carefully select the right persons for the right jobs and have experienced and competent project management team to manage and control the project staff efficiently. The origin of our philosophy created the name of our company as Planning and Research Consultant. And we do expect our clients to allocate the duties to us with confidence in our achieving
the goal.

Capabilitity of offer service :

- Architecture
- Landscape
- Interior Design
- Geotechnical Engineering
- Civil Engineering
- Structural Engineering


- Electrical Engineering
- Mechanical Engineering
- Environmental Engineering
- Survey Engineering
- Computer Engineering
- Water Resource Engineering
- Industrial Engineering